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We can give you your own very easy to use website so your customers are surely going to order takeaway regularly from your website. With commission from 0% you can make high returns from your online orders.

Setup cost of only £499 which includes domain, hosting, website and the printer!

Watch the below video on how easy the website works:

YP Solutions Ltd, A dynamic website design agency based in Blackburn offers takeaway online ordering website for food business. Today in this digital world 99% of businesses are coming online in order to get maximum reach to customers. We all are aware that, in the food business competition is very high compared to any other business. So, if you want to get a good stand then you must give good services to your customers. We can help you in this by designing a takeaway ordering system with all the required provisions.

Takeaway ordering system will drive more and more sales towards your dinning business. The reason is using this system customers can order online their food easily. Nowadays people are inclined towards digitisation and everything is searched online and order. Hence if you are looking to be in the race of competition, you should definitely create a takeaway ordering system. YP Solutions Ltd. is well versed worth with takeaway online ordering website design and has delivered lots of projects.

What We Offer in Takeaway Online Ordering Website System

  • When we start creating a takeaway ordering system for the client, we always ensure to showcase their maximum worth to the end user. Whenever user searches for your services, it must be reflected on search engines. Hence we always so programming by keeping all the needs.
  • Furthermore, during designing we use original images and content in order to avoid copyright issues. We also keep it attractive so that people would get interested in ordering through the website.
  • We offer custom domain URL and associate social media accounts to the website so that traffic of social media pages could be driven to the food delivery website.
  • During the creation of takeaway ordering system, we keep the mobile friendly design because nowadays people do searches through mobile only. Hence we ensure to maintain the response of the website at mobile view as well.
  • Payment gateway integration is done in order to give a provision of making online payment. Cash on Delivery option is also given. These features give option to the users and they can select based on their choice.


How YP Solutions Ltd.’s Takeaway Ordering System Works

Step 1:  Open takeaway ordering system

Step 2: Choose collection or delivery

Step 3: Enter post code to check delivery distance

Step 4: Pick your items, with simple filter options

Step 5: Easy add extras, if you want to add

Step 6: Enter your details and add notes for the takeaway

Step 7: Select payment method, pay using card or cash

Step 8: Sending your order, to the takeaway printer

Step 9: Printing order, full order details printed

Step 10: Select ok to accept, choose delivery time for the order

Step 11: Updates status for customer, confirming the delivery time

Step 12: Customer receives SMS, with delivery time and contact details

Step 13: Track your order


Customisable Features of Takeaway Ordering Website as Per Requirement

We integrate all the features that are needed for online ordering. We ensure users should get whatever they want.

  • Details of Restaurant: All the details about foundation of restaurants along with its achievement are mentioned here.
  • OTP Verification: To maintain the authenticity of the user, we have kept the provision of OTP verification.
  • Detailed Menu based Categories: Users will get the list of menu prior to start ordering.
  • Images of Food and Drinks: High quality images of food and drinks will be shown on the site.
  • Opening and Closing Hours: Users will be able to see the opening and closing hours.
  • Contact Us Form: To get the details of users, we also add contact form.
  • Map location of Restaurant: To track the location of restaurant, map feature is integrated.
  • Order History Management: All orders of the user will be saved in the section of Order History.
  • User’s Address Management: Users will be able to Add, Update, Delete their addresses.
  • Add to cart Option: All the food items will be added to the cart.
  • Testimonial Section: The feedback of the user will be shown in the testimonial section.
  • Online Payment Gateway: Third party payment gateway will be used for online payment.

YP solutions Ltd.’s takeaway ordering website makes an easy online food ordering system for both owner and customers. Hence take your food business online and start growing.