Opticon NLV 3101 (13092), 1D/2D Fixed Position Barcode Scanner, USB Interface, Black, suitable for Self Service Kiosks and Pharmaceutical Analysis Machines

£226.00 excl. VAT (£271.20 incl. VAT)

The NLV3101 is the latest in our range of 2D CMOS fixed position scanners. The NLV3101 has been developed to be used in the most demanding applications requiring a device capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes including Retail POS, Self service Kiosks and Medical/Pharmaceutical Analysis machines.



This 2D CMOS fixed mount scanner is ideal for retail or industrial applications. It features red and green LEDs to illuminate the viewable area and to precisely target the barcode. Additionally it has picture-capture capability.

Features include:

    • Full spectrum illuminated 2D CMOS imager
    • World’s most compact 2D imager in its class
    • Rapidly scans and decodes a wide variety of 1D or 2D barcodes
    • Fast global shutter technology with auto exposure – easily scans barcodes of a wide variety of surfaces
    • Custom configuration capabilities including multi-read
    • Exceptional motion tolerance for moving applications
    • Improved scanning of curved, wide and poorly printed barcodes
    • Green bar LED aim function providing laser-free aiming with no laser class warning
    • Complete unit with integrated decoder
    • Durable – survives five foot drop to concrete
    • IP65 rating against dust and moisture
    • Low power consumption provides design flexibility
    • Communication interface: USB and RS232
    • Backed by a two year warranty

Package dimensions (Length,Width,Height and Weight) for the product are: 11.3cm, 24.6cm, 4.3cm and 0.132kg

Additional information

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 4.11 × 3.3 × 2.4 cm


Barcode type

1D, 2D

Scanner type

Industrial, Omni-directional/presentation/Handsfree


RS232, USB


2 Years





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