Cipherlab 1500P, 1D Barcode Scanner, Black, USB Corded

£75.00 excl. VAT (£90.00 incl. VAT)

Bringing retail productivity and performance up to speed, the 1500 series of scanners offers powerful reliability with efficiency. Ideal for a wide range of applications from retail to healthcare and post offices, the 1500 scanner is not only advanced, but its ergonomic design also provides extreme durability – day in, day out.



Snappy scanning, speedy decoding
The 1500 series with linear imaging reader scan and decode barcodes up to 520 times
per second to speed work, eliminate rescans and keep up with your fastest operation.
This high speed delivered with low power consumption makes auto-sense scanning very

A Great Variety at Your Fingertips
Every business is different and has different scanning needs, which is why CipherLab
have a broad range of scanners to suit any businesses whatever their needs. The 1500
series comes in a range of varieties. The linear imager scanner offers the option of
reading long barcodes, for example the ones on bills, making it suitable for utility
companies, banks, and collecting agencies. The option of 2D imager is good for
scanning barcodes on medicine packaging or hospital equipments making them suited
for pharmaceutical or hospitals.

PC Software to Custom-Configure Scanners to Any Environment
CipherLab ScanMaster software provides comprehensive tools to configure any
scanner, such as enabling and disabling hands-free scanning, choosing edit format and
symbology types, plus more. With ScanMaster, scanners can be easily customized to fit
every working environment. ScanMaster for PC is included with all CipherLab scanners.
In addition, 1500 series is also supported by CipherConnect which is a COM-to-key
utility designed for CipherLab Bluetooth® scanners to work as an input device for smart
devices, such as Smartphone or PDA. The software enables intensive data collection
and transmission via CipherLab Bluetooth® scanner to the smart device.

Package dimensions (Length,Width,Height and Weight) for the product are: 17.4cm, 21cm, 7.8cm and 0.438kg

Additional information

Weight 0.149 kg
Dimensions 15.3 × 6.1 × 9.3 cm



5 Years

Scanner type


Barcode type








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